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Trails and Rides

trailrideTake a private trail ride across the historic Cocoraque Ranch, a currently working and authentic Western Ranch located right outside of Tucson, Arizona. Even today small groups on sturdy ranch horses still work this 16,000-acre cattle ranch.

The Cocoraque Ranch has been a real live working cattle ranch since it was homesteaded in the late 1800’s. Once the site of a US Calvary encampment, it is located within the Ironwood Forest National Monument. Cattle graze freely across the land, and your private trail ride will meander among mamas, calves and bulls. The sites seen on a working cattle ranch are sure to create lasting memories. Maybe it will be roundup time or branding time. Perhaps you’ll see a calf born. Just add the amazing desert wildlife and incredible Sonoran Desert fauna, and a private trail ride across the Cocoraque Ranch becomes a “must” for your Tucson itinerary.

horsebackIf an all-day ride is chosen, you will visit the historic ranch house which sits next to an archeological site that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This site is peppered with amazing petroglyphs etched into boulders by the Hohokam people as early as 300AD. You will see mortar holes carved into the rock stream bed where villagers ground mesquite beans into flour. You will feel the amazing presence of this extremely spiritual place, still considered sacred to the people of the Tohono O-Odham Nation which borders the Cocoraque Ranch.

Whether you choose a one-hour ride or an all-day excursion, experienced wranglers will ensure you have a positive experience. They will educate you about the fascinating operations of the Cocoraque — both past and present. These friendly guides love to answer your questions, and they’ll surely make your visit memorable and rewarding. Book a private trail ride at the Cocoraque Ranch today for an authentic, close-up, first-hand view of the Old Southwest. You’ll be so glad you did!