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Rodeos at Cocoraque Ranch and Pavilion are not like your typical spectator rodeo at the fair grounds. You get to experience the real thing with your own private rodeo! Our rodeo package offers 6 to 7 events that are sure to excite and thrill at your next event.

8 Seconds… Saddle bronc riding:
A classic event where the cowboy is judged by how well he and his horse are synchronized. Bareback riding: A very physically demanding event, where a cowboy is judged on form and how well the bronc can buck.

Bull riding:
The rodeo’s most popular and dangerous event. Using only a rope wrapped around the bull’s chest and only one hand, the cowboy must last the full 8 seconds while this 2000 pounds of explosive power is loosed for the purpose of dislodging him.

Fastest time wins… Steer wrestling:
A cowboy slides down from his mount, hooks his arms around the steers horns and wrestles him to the ground. Team roping: Another timed event which takes two skilled ropers. The header ropes the horn or neck and the heeler ropes both hind legs. Calf roping: While mounted, the cowboy throws his loop and catches the calf, dismounts and ties any three legs together. Barrel racing: An event of skill and horsemanship for the cowgirl. The contestant must circle three barrels and return to the start/finish line.

Foot Rodeo

These events work exceptionally well as corporate team building exercises. Rejuvenate your staff with western-style team building exercises. A full day of fun, laughs, and serious camaraderie building.

These spectator participation sports consist of the following 6 events: