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Night Life

In the Kingdom of Night Skies

Arizona — where both landscape and complementing clouds are part of her natural resources.

Arizona — a land of beautiful, scenery-decorating summer thunderheads and color-drenched sunrises and sunsets.

For summer clouds in Arizona, most potent after the climax of the noon hour, are a fairytale of light and shadow, changing the world below and evolving whole constellations of forms of their own.

A picture perfect sunset is a real accomplishment, calling for the full cooperation of sun, winds, lay of the land, as well as every other factor that goes into the intricate making of clouds. When it is achieved, there are few sights more colorful or thrilling. No rainbow has more spread of color, no painting such an expanse of beauty.

Next time you set out to enjoy the scenery, include in your program some special attention for the pageant of the skies reflecting, completing or enhancing the landscape.

For how can a picture show this country the way it really is? There is one thing a picture cannot capture, the feel of the land. Whether you take morning in a forest or rain on the desert, it can’t be explained unless you’ve been here and seen it for yourself.