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Cattle Drives - Authentic cowboy horse wrangler cattle drive near Tucson arizonaThe cattle drives that are offered by Cocoraque Ranch and Pavilion are unlike any Western experience you have encountered. We offer the chance to step into the Old West with real professional horse wranglers and experience an unforgettable adventure. See the beauty of the Arizona desert through authentic cattle drives that can be fun for the entire family.

Drive cattle across the open range in a western experience you’ll never forget. During your cattle drive, you will:

Don’t let the adventure of a lifetime pass you by!

What to Expect

This ain’t no Western movie! Get ready to experience the real thing! You’ll be mounted up on a ranch horse where you will work within a team of cowboys to drive a herd of cattle from one pasture to another. The ranch hands and wranglers will teach you how to keep the herd together and moving and instruct you on the unique language of the open range.

Once your mission is complete, you will take a leisurely ride back to the ranch house to relax and shake the trail off your boots before the next adventure.


Cocoraque Ranch offers complete vacation packages that include cattle drives among other Western adventures. Contact us today and book the perfect getaway that you will never forget!

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